Card Access

Security-conscious facilities managers rely on up-to-date technology to provide not only secure biometric and smart card credential identification and authentication, but monitoring and surveillance capabilities as well. As violence statistics rise in our local communities, having an integrated access control video management system in place will:

  • Deter disruptive behavior in areas such as: parking lots, waiting areas or lobbies, libraries, parks and facility perimeters
  • Bring actions to staff attention immediately
  • Provide a recording of actions as evidence
  • Increase safety for staff and visitors at all times
  • Minimize risk to employees and visitors, as well as damage to county property
  • Allow utilization of employee ID photos for special projects as well as providing a higher level of control over who is being issued access and at what level


Managed and Hosted Services - Access Management Center
TransAlarm AMC simplifies your access control system by remotely hosting and administrating your access control system. TransAlarm AMC helps you improve your security and provide your employees with peace of mind, without the hassles of administering, maintaining and hosting your own software. Multiple or single locations are not a problem, TransAlarm’s Managed Access provides you with the benefits of an enterprise access control system without hiring dedicated individuals or continuously upgrading computer and software platforms.

Simplicity, freedom and cost savings are the benefits you receive when using TransAlarm Managed Access. Benefits of remote managed access control:

  • Less expensive - TransAlarm AMC eliminates the need for costly investment of owning servers, software, and hiring dedicated personnel.
  • Technical support - Phone support for your technical questions are just a phone call or email away. Check our FAQ section for common questions asked.
  • Database backups - All software and Windows upgrades are free and included with our monthly service.
  • No risk of software installation problems - Your database resides on our secure servers, there will be no software installed in your office.
  • Managed access - Day-to-day access control will be managed by Trans Alarm's trained professionals. There is no reason to learn another software program, leave it to us.

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