Business Intelligence

Detailed, statistical information on activity and event handling. Video monitoring to insure policies and procedures are followed. Documentation provided based on your specific need.

Operational Audits
Operational Audits help you understand all aspects of your business. Real-time video monitoring can confirm that policies, safety protocols, procedures and program compliance/standards are followed, and provide a report if a violation is identified.

A host of benefits can be derived from TransAlarm’s advanced monitoring and professional security experience… but only if the storage, management, retrieval and utilization of the data provided (particularly audio and video) is equally sophisticated. How well are marketing and point-of-sale programs being implemented and maintained? How quickly can shrink be identified and addressed? How deeply can statistical information be mined for insight to develop more effective strategies?
TransAlarm’s audit and reporting capabilities allow you to:

  • Ensure that programs are implemented and followed as intended
  • Ensure that policies are being adhered to at all times
  • Evaluate safety and operational compliance
  • Identify patterns in security incidents
  • Maximize the ROI of advertising and marketing investments

Video Analytics Detection
TransAlarm utilizes state-of-the-art analytics to add an additional layer of protection to exterior and perimeter locations. Just as a human would notice a sudden change in a static video scene, the software automatically memorizes and continuously compares specific video scenes to detect discrepancies, unauthorized entry, motion, etc. If anything changes (for example, a body passes through the scene, or an item disappears), the system notifies our monitoring center, as it continues to record the exceptional activity.

Fire Protection

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